House Calls

House Calls services offered in Cook County and neighboring counties, Skokie, IL

Traveling to medical appointments can be challenging when you have a chronic disease, lack of reliable transportation, or live in a remote location. At Zalwango Health and Wellness Concierge, PC, in Skokie, Illinois, the primary care team can expand your access to health care by offering house calls. The team visits your home to evaluate illnesses, manage medications, and perform physical exams. Call the office today or book an appointment online to learn more about house calls.

House Calls Q & A

What are house calls?

During a house call, your practitioner comes to your home to deliver care. While house calls have declined in popularity over the last few decades, they’re making a comeback. 

The team at Zalwango Health and Wellness Concierge, PC, understands the importance of quality health care for every patient. Visiting your home allows them to provide the care you need even if you can’t travel to the office. 


What are the benefits of house calls?

House calls offer many benefits for patients with limited access to in-office care, including:



House calls are convenient alternatives to same-day in-office visits or trips to urgent care. 


Access to care

For patients with advanced chronic diseases, limited mobility, or a lack of reliable transportation, house calls are an essential service that broadens their access to health care.



Gas and parking can be expensive. When you have to factor in childcare and other financial responsibilities, in-office visits may not always fit into your budget. House calls may be a cost-effective solution for patients without the ability to travel.


What do house calls include?

The team at Zalwango Health and Wellness Concierge, PC, has the technology and equipment to deliver comprehensive care during your home visit. A standard house call may include:


Evaluation and management of illness

The team performs comprehensive physical exams and testing to diagnose and monitor illnesses. Whether you have an acute illness (like strep throat) or a chronic disease (such as hypertension), your primary care specialist can manage your condition during a house call.


Medication management

If you take multiple medications, your provider can create a personalized plan to ensure your prescriptions are effective with minimal side effects. Medication management helps the team determine which types of medicine work for you. They can also identify medications that may need adjusted dosages.



A physical exam is a complete health assessment that involves recording your height and weight, taking your vitals, and reviewing your medical history. The team also performs a thorough physical screening.


Annual wellness visits

Annual wellness visits are similar to physicals but focus more on your health goals. The goal is to assess your overall health and well-being and determine ways to improve them.

Call Zalwango Health and Wellness Concierge, PC, today or book an appointment online to learn more about house calls.